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Let us make a kimono(Kimono is a gift)

Let us make a kimono(Kimono is a gift)

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  • Max 3 guests per slot
  • Kimono provided (excluding Obi & sash). Free Obi rental available. Ask staff for purchasing (from 3,000 yen ($22)).
  • For men's Kimono, create luxury with personalized 'Haori' featuring family crests & your name.
Number of Guests

*Contact us for large groups more than 4 guests via the contact form.

*About cancellation and schedule change, please check our policy page.

What you'll do

Let us begin with a brief self-introduction to get acquainted with one another.

  1. Indulge in the finest selection of over 300 exquisite antique kimonos. With four levels of ranking- red, blue, green, and yellow- choose the most elegant and exclusive red sticker kimono at the lowest price. And on the day of your experience, upgrade to a higher level kimono, for a small fee of +2000 yen ($15) for blue, +4000 yen ($30) for green, or +6000 yen ($45) for yellow.

  2. Press the hemming tape with an iron and thread the loops through which the belt will pass. Discover creative ways to transform it into a stunning kimono.

  3. Enhance your kimono with our effortless obi, obiage, and obi tightening, creating a timeless and artistic ensemble perfect for capturing moments.

Other notes
・While women's kimonos have a unique feature called "ohashiyori", men's kimonos cannot be altered to add length. However, we offer the option for men to have their family crest and name printed on their kimono, haori, and juban, which can then be transformed into a sophisticated jacket.
・There will be an added fee for obtaining an obi. (3,000 yen ($22) 〜 (Rentals are free) If you decide to buy an obi, you will be rewarded with a complimentary obiage and obijime.

* Calculated at 132 yen per dollar

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Quick introduction of 3min Kimono