Try our quirky '3 min Kimono' for a fun and fashionable experience!

Our Kimono experience offers instead of just wearing a traditional Kimono, you have the chance to make your own and bring it back to your home! And the best part? Our Kimono can be effortlessly worn in just 3 minutes!

Fashioning a Elegant Kimono?

Select your preferred vintage kimono from our extensive collection of over 300 distinct styles. Additional fees may apply depending on the pattern and condition of the kimono.

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  • 1. Choose a favorite kimono from 300 patterns.

    Choose your preferred Kimono pattern from our exquisite collection of over 300 meticulously crafted designs.

  • 2.Try making your original Kimono

    Press the hemming tape with an iron and thread the loops through which the belt will pass. Discover creative ways to transform it into a stunning kimono.

  • 3. Put on your Kimono and say cheese for the camera!

    Experience the beauty of a re-maked Kimono and take it home with you for an enjoyable time at home!

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Designing cool Men's Kimono?

Men's kimonos cannot be altered to increase length. Our services for men include the option to print the family crest and kanji of the name on kimono, haori, juban, and create a jacket.

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  • 1. Add family crests and name to Kimono.

    Create luxurious personalized 'Haori' for men's Kimono. Provide your full name before visiting the shop.

  • 2. Ironing your Kimono to make it special for you.

    Iron your family crests and name onto the Kimono

  • 3. Put on your Kimono and say cheese for the camera!

    Experience the elegance of a redesigned Kimono and bring it home for a delightful journey!

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Store Location

5 min walk from Kiba Station on the Tozai Line