Owner`s Profile & our Vision


I learned Japanese embroidery at a women's art college, where it is traditionally used for kimonos and obis. However, due to the tough job market, I pursued a career in design.

Growing up, my mother taught kimono classes at our home, and I always watched in awe as the students transformed into stunning figures in their kimono outfits. Although I wasn't a fan of wearing kimonos, it had a lasting impact on me. The considerable time and discomfort involved in putting on and wearing a kimono contributed to my reluctance.

Consequently, I crafted kimonos and obis that are easy to wear, addressing the issue that less than 5% of people can don traditional Japanese clothing. Numerous vintage kimonos are discarded as waste, which adds to environmental worries.

Due to the scarcity of individuals who can wear kimonos and the small sizes of traditional Japanese clothing, I have found a solution. By altering the usual folding process and eliminating the need to fold, even taller people can comfortably wear antique kimonos.

I also support a friend's initiative in buying kimonos. They collect unused items from facilities for people with disabilities. Purchasing from these facilities helps increase their wages. I aim to buy various items from them when I can.

I understand that achieving a neatly arranged collar is important to Japanese customers who wear kimonos. That's why I continuously refine my products to meet their satisfaction.

Struggling with postpartum depression and the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, I experienced intense emotional turmoil. Hearing customers call their experience 'enjoyable' has been comforting.

I will persist in my endeavors to bring joy to my customers going forward.

Mio Murakata